School of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering at Soochow University  are seeking outstanding candidates at all ranks (Associate/Full  Professors) in the broad areas of Optics, Photonics and Optoelectronics,  including Nanophotonics (theory/devices/systems), Advanced Laser  Technology and Applications, Advanced Fiber/Guided Optical Technologies,  and Optical Design, Fabrication and Metrology.

     Candidates should have a PhD degree with at least 2-year postdoctoral  or working experience in the related fields and a scholarly publication  record. Candidates for Full Professors should have demonstrated  leadership roles in running major projects and the strong ability to  develop an original research program. All candidates should have a good  command of oral and written English. Successful applicants will be  offered an excellent package including sufficient lab space, start-up  funding, relocation expense and competitive salary commensurate with  experience, in addition to a housing allowance and other employee  benefits.

     The Search Committee will review applications immediately and the  search will continue until all positions are filled. Please submit (1)  your CV, (2) a cover letter summarizing current research projects and  future plans, (3) names and contact details of three professional  referees to: Search Committee, School of Optoelectronic  Science and Engineering, Soochow University, No. 1 Shizi Street, Suzhou  215006, China; Fax: 86-512-65112232; Email:

Research areas at OESE

As a result of years of research efforts, the OESE has developed two remarkable features.

1) It  has made a global impact in the area of nano-manufacturing, especially  in the area of ‘interference lithography’, ‘laser direct writing  lithography’, ‘high throughput nanoimprinting technology’, and  ‘sub-wavelength optical technology’, and has led to the creation of the  most advanced optical nano-manufacturing center in China.

2) As  a result of pioneering work led by Academicians of the Chinese Academy  of Engineering (Prof. Minqiu Xue and Prof. Junhua Pan), OESE has  acquired a high reputation in advanced optical design, manufacturing and  testing technologies, and is one of the most famous center for optical  system design, manufacturing and testing.

Professors at OESE

Junhua PAN (Academician)        Linsen CHEN

    Chinhua WANG                Xiao YUAN                  Jianhong WU                Weimin SHEN                  Xiaofeng LI

          Jihua GU                        Peiji GUO                        Zhi  TAO                   Changsi PENG               Joel MOSER

           Zhijun HU               Qingchun ZHAO              Xunjie ZHAO               Kuaisheng ZOU             Nianqiang LI

The  School of Optoelectronics Science and Engineering (OESE) is located in  the Main Campus of Soochow University (since 1900), in the eastern part  of the Ancient Suzhou City. OESE was originally from the Laser Research  Department (since 1979) of Soochow University. In January 2014, on the  basis of the Institute of Modern Optical Technologies, the Institute of  Information Optical Engineering and the Department of Photoelectric  Technology (from the School of Physical Science and Technology), the  School of Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering (a school  under the College of Physics, Optoelectronics and Energy) was  established. In May 2018, the school was set up independently and  renamed as the School of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering.

Our Missions

-  To create and disseminate knowledge and innovations in optics and  photonics by conducting cutting-edge fundamental and applied research to  address some of the most demanding challenges in the fields of new  energy, new materials, information, electronics and other important  optics-related fields.

-  To provide the highest quality education in optical science and  engineering, and serve the continuing educational needs of industry.

-  To contribute to the development of the regional and national  knowledge-based and technology-based industries, and create, foster, and  sustain mutually beneficial research collaborations and partnerships  with industry.

Key Laboratories

OESE is home to several internationally renowned research centers dedicated to optics-related fields, such as:

“National and Provincial Joint Engineering Research Center for Digital Laser Imaging and Display”

“Key Lab of Modern Optical Technologies of Education Ministry of China”

“Key Lab of Modern Optical Technologies of Jiangsu Province”

“Key Lab of Advanced Optical Manufacturing Technologies of Jiangsu Province”

“Digital Laser Imaging and Display Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education of China”

These  centers are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments whose value  exceeds 130 million RMB. Laboratories extend over a surface area of  16,000 m2, including a 5000 m2 cleanroom  of class 1000. In addition, some of the unique (largest) optical  manufacturing equipment nationwide can be found at OESE, including the  largest holographic platform (8m x 10m), the largest holographic  exposure device, and equipment capable of fabricating the meter-scale  size diffraction gratings. OESE also hosts the nationwide leading  optical design, manufacturing, and testing platform.

Research Achievements

Over  the past four years, more than 200 research programs in Optical  Engineering are conducted by our faculty members, with more than 200  million RMB funding are support. Research in OESE has led to the  publication of more than 400 peer-reviewed papers, including more than  100 papers published in top ranked journals (such as Nature Photonics, Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, Optics Letters, etc.).  The faculty produced more than100 patents in this discipline during the  past 5 years, 2 of these were recognized by the Government of Jiangsu  Province as major technological breakthroughs, and3 patents were awarded  National prizes for progress in science and technology in 2010, 2012,  and 2015, respectively. The productive value of the patented  technologies transferred from OESE exceeds 1 billion RMB.


Academic Exchanges and Collaborations
OESE  has extensive links and collaborations with other universities and  institutions throughout the world including USA, UK, Canada, Finland and  Hong Kong, etc. Through our extensive network of international  partnerships, we offer opportunities for collaboration on many levels,  including supporting governments and companies in the development of  their interested topics and providing international studying experiences  for students and young staff. OESE also provides program of short to  middle-term research-based non-degree training, as well as program  toward M. Sc and Ph. D degree.

Student Cultivation and Training
OESE  offers full range of undergraduate and graduate programs leading to  B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees, and also postdoctoral research program  in Optics and Photonics, providing students with lessons and trainings  suitable for employment in academy, research institute and industry for  various innovative researches and engineering activities, including  information technology, optoelectronics, engineering optics, optical  communications and image processing.

OESE administration team

Deans: Xiaofeng LI, Jianjun CHEN

Deputy Deans: Yishen XU, Chenghui GONG, Hong QU

Assistant Deans: Guiju ZHANG, Yu CHEN

Nanophotonic Public Laboratory: Changsi PENG (Director), Hao ZHOU (Deputy director)

Public Teaching Center: Yishen XU (Director), Xiaojun ZHANG (Deputy director), Xiaoru WEI (Deputy director)

Department of Optical Information: Guiju ZHANG (Diector), Linglin QIN (Deputy director)

Department of Electronic Measurement and Controlling: Min HUANG (Director), Xiaojun ZHANG (Deputy director)

OESE structure

Contact us:


School of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering, No 1, Shizi Street, Suzhou 215006, Jiangsu, P. R. China.